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Getting to Know Tezos

Reading Time: 6 min

Looking for an overview introduction into more Tezos specifics?

In this chapter, we take a closer look at Tezos' architecture and start working with the testnet. Let's tackle the different conceptual elements of the protocol, like the role of nodes, clients, bakers, and endorsers, to then take our first steps in the testnet. Getting to know the design in greater detail and going through some first steps will help being more accustomed to the protocol and its functionalities.

Tezos Architecture

An overview on the different elements of Tezos' architecture, the P2P layer, and the languages.

Testnet - First Steps

Let’s participate in a Tezos network! The first steps, first private key, and working with the testnet.

Testnet - Smart Contracts

Writing smart contracts on Tezos: Let’s deploy our first repeater contract to discover more about the in and outs of the protocol!

Testnet - Communicating with Tezos

Take a look at the JSON/RPC interface for client communication with the Tezos node.

Have fun exploring!

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