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The Tezos Ecosystem

Reading Time: 5 min

Ready to begin discovering the ecosystem?

It is time to also get to know Tezos’ ecosystem! In this chapter, you can find an overview of working with some of the ecosystem stack: FA2, oracles, and Beacon.

You can find information on:

  • What the FA2 token standard is,
  • Different permissions implementation patterns, entry points, and data structures in regard to FA2,
  • How to use the FA2 interface for Tezos,
  • Work with Harbinger and Chainlink, and
  • How the Beacon SDK helps support wallet-application integration.

In this chapter

It’s all about the ecosystem! A blockchain protocol offering a wide and evolving ecosystem is a great choice for a blockchain developer to build on.


From the basics of what a token is to a unified token interface, as well as an introduction into implementation patterns all can be found in this section.


Oracles are essential for DApp development. Let’s introduce off-chain data using oracles! Do you want an introduction into Chainlink and Harbinger?


Need an interface between wallets and applications? Let’s use the Beacon SDK to work with a wallet API and extend our certification application example!

Let's discover the ecosystem!

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