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Developing Clients

Reading Time: 4 min

Let’s take a closer look at developing clients for Tezos!

In this chapter, we will deal with clients: How can we fetch information from the Tezos blockchain and how can we create and send transactions to the network?

We will dive into Taquito and TzKT API to understand:

  • What Taquito is,
  • How to fetch information from the Tezos blockchain with Taquito,
  • How to create and send transactions using Taquito,
  • How to code a simple client,
  • What TzKT API is, and
  • How to fetch information with the TzkT API.

In this chapter

We now have an overview of the Tezos protocol, its architecture, its functionalities, and smart contract writing for Tezos in Michelson, SmartPy, and LIGO. It is time to turn to clients. How can we setup a client and use tech stack to fetch information from the Tezos blockchain and conduct transactions?


Find out how to interact with the Tezos blockchain using Taquito. We will take a more detailed dive by experimenting with our student certification contract.


Discover how to use TzKT, a blockchain indexer, to access even more functionalities. We will explore how to work with TzKT in the testnet and fetch data with Node.js.

Ready? Let's dive into the client sections!

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