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Welcome to the Tezos Developer Portal!

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All you need to develop with Tezos

The Tezos Developer Portal is the perfect place to discover all there is to Tezos: its architecture and ecosystem, deploying smart contracts, and setting up and working with clients.

Tezos is an open-source platform addressing key barriers facing blockchain adoption by improving smart contract safety, long-term upgradability, and open participation.

It is designed to:

  • Offer open participation to all stakeholders,
  • Provide secure, institutional-grade smart contracts, among others through the use of its native smart contract language, Michelson,
  • Allow the network to propose and adopt technological innovation through the modular architecture and formal upgrade mechanism, and
  • Align incentives for increased network security through the help of all stakeholders.

Start with the introduction to understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology and how they translate into Tezos. As you work through the chapters, you will install everything you need to get started with to then dive deeper.

In the Tezos Developer Portal you will find:

  • An introduction into blockchain fundamentals and Tezos, from how consensus works to Tezos’ deployment pattern,
  • An overview of the Tezos architecture,
  • How to participate in a Tezos network and the first steps you need to take,
  • Information on developing and deploying smart contracts in Tezos, including an introduction to SmartPy, the Web IDE, and Michelson,
  • How to setup a client and fetch information from the blockchain using Taquito and the TzKT API, and
  • A dive into the ecosystem addressing oracles, Beacon, and FA2 interface.
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The menu on the left organizes the content in the suggested chronological order for those who wish to thoroughly explore everything this portal has to offer. You can navigate through the content at your own pace.

Tezos Introduction

Discover how blockchain technology evolved and how Tezos fits in the overall technology development. An introduction into the technological fundamentals, as well as an introduction to Tezos can be found.

This well-rounded introduction dives into the main ideas behind the Tezos protocol in regard to its deployment pattern, consensus mechanism, smart contract development, and upgradeability.

Tezos Introduction

Getting to Know Tezos

With a quick overview of the Tezos architecture understand the different elements: What is a node, client, baker, endorser, and accuser? Discover the peer-to-peer layer of Tezos and the different languages Tezos relies on.

In addition, there is a fast-paced introduction on how to participate in a Tezos network, including first steps, generating a new key pair, adding testnet tez, and deploying a first contract.

Getting to Know Tezos

Writing Smart Contracts

Do you want to develop and deploy smart contracts on Tezos? No problem! Follow the different sections to:

  • Discover what SmartPy is, including the language basics,
  • Learn to work with the Web IDE,
  • Learn how to test your smart contract,
  • Understand Michelson code,
  • Learn the basics of CameLIGO and PascaLIGO, and
  • Develop and deploy smart contracts on the test network.

Let's dive into all the different aspects relating to smart contract development, deployment, and testing!

Writing Smart Contracts


Let’s take a deep dive into clients by exploring Tezos Taquito, a TypeScript library suite made available to make building on top of Tezos easier and more enjoyable.

You can have a look at how to:

  • Fetch information from the Tezos blockchain with Taquito,
  • Create and send transactions to the Tezos blockchain with Taquito,
  • Code a simple client with Taquito and test it, and
  • Work with TzKT API to fetch detailed information from the Tezos blockchain.

Let’s discover clients on Tezos and all there is to Taquito!



Do you want to discover what the Tezos ecosystem has to offer? You can dive deeper into a selection of features.

The FA2 interface

Learn how to work with the FA2 interface for Tezos


Learn how to use Harbinger and Chainlink with Tezos


Learn all about Beacon and how to work with the Beacon SDK


Enjoy your adventure!

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